The design of the gift packaging box(2)


The shape, color, pattern and material of gift packaging box should arouse people's favorite emotions, because people's likes and dislikes play a very important role in buying impulse. Good impression comes from two aspects. The first is the practical aspect, that is, whether the gift packaging box can meet all aspects of consumers' needs and provide convenience, which involves the size, quantity and beauty of the gift packaging box. The same skin care cream can be in large bottles or small boxes. Consumers can choose according to their habits. The same products are exquisitely packaged and easy to be selected as gifts, and those with poor gift packaging box can only be used by themselves. When the gift packaging box of products provides convenience, it will naturally arouse the favor of consumers.

The favorable impression also comes directly from the feeling of gift packaging box shape, color, pattern and material. This is a comprehensive psychological effect, which is closely related to the individual and the environment of personal breath. In terms of color, everyone has their own favorite and annoying colors, which of course can not be forced to be the same, but they also have something in common. For example, most women like white, red and pink, which are called women's colors. The gift packaging box of women's products can attract women's love by using white and red. Men like solemn and serious black. Black is also called male color. The gift packaging box and black of men's special products can be favored by men. Different nationalities have different favorite colors, known as national colors. Americans like yellow. Goods packaged in yellow sell well, such as Kodak color film, products of kadapira company, the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer, cosmetics of kurerolu, sunscreen of maki fakuta company, etc. But the Japanese don't like yellow. In Japan, yellow gift packaging box is often hard to sell. Some people think that Americans like yellow because they love blondes, and because the sun looks golden in the hot areas of Southern States, we won't discuss the mystery here in depth. This kind of national favorite psychology is also relative and changing. We just emphasize that the feeling of joy and disgust can affect the purchase behavior.