The gift packaging box's color design(2)


Contrast between color and color of the gift packaging box
Besides, the contrast between color and color. This is the easiest thing to show but very difficult to grasp in many commodity packaging. In the design, it comes from experts. The wound effect of packaging is sunny and white snow. On the contrary, it is inferior. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, it is often popular to say that it is airtight and sparse. In fact, it is a comparative relationship. This comparative relationship is very obvious and common in packaging design. The so-called comparisons generally include the following aspects: depth comparison, weight comparison, point-to-surface comparison, complexity comparison, elegance and vulgarity comparison, contrast comparison and so on.

(1) The contrast of colors of the gift packaging box
This is the most frequent and widely used color in packaging design at present. The so-called depth contrast should mean that in the design color, the depth and depth of the two colors skillfully appear on a picture at the same time, resulting in a more coordinated perspective effect. Usually, for example, a large area of light color is used for the bottom, and a dark composition is used on it, such as a light color bottom, and a coffee color is used for the composition, or a light yellow or white pattern line is used in the coffee color block; It is also like paving with light green; Dark green composition; Pink Bedding; Bright red composition; Light gray bedding; Soap black composition and so on. China's Changyu Wine, Shuanghui sausage and CJ's meat product packaging are mostly expressed in this form. Its visual effect is bright, simple, gentle and elegant.

(2) The weight contrast (or depth contrast) of color is also one of the important reproduction techniques in the application of packaging color. This light and light contrast is often used to set off the dignified and deep theme pattern on the light and elegant background color, or in the dignified and deep theme pattern (mostly color block pattern). The theme and name of the light and elegant packaging, as well as the trademark or advertising language. Conversely, there is also a large area of dignified and deep pigment. In addition, some patterns are decorated with light and elegant colors or concentrated in a certain color block or comprehensively. General pigments have coordinated color contrast and cold and warm color contrast. The method of coordinated color contrast is often light green to dark green; Light to dark coffee; Pink to bright red, etc., while the contrast between cold and warm colors is mostly black and white, red and blue, etc.