The gift packaging box's color design(3)


(gift packaging box)Point to surface contrast (or size contrast) used in color. This kind of contrast mainly uses the contrast of pigment from a central or concentrated point to the overall picture in the design process of a packaging picture, that is, the contrast between small-scale and large-scale pictures. In daily life, especially in washing cosmetics, we can see that there is nothing clean in the whole area on the packaging box of a product. In the middle, a very obvious small box with heavy color (or oval or small round) appears, and then the theme of brand and name of the packaging content is reflected on the picture of the small box, This is not only the combination of point and surface, but also the comparison between large and small, and occasionally there is a gradual transition from point to.

The comparison of elegance and desire in the use of color of the gift packaging box is mainly to highlight common words to contrast its elegance. This vulgar way of expression is to use the "dirty" disorder and disorder of color. This composition either reveals the theme symbolically or serves the theme of "setting off the lotus".

Make it a little red in the flowers.
Contrast of color use of the gift packaging box. This contrast is essentially a contrast effect formed by the differences of a variety of pigments. This contrast effect is usually expressed in the following ways: the contrast between light and shade (or the contrast between yin and Yang), like China's easy light map; Contrast between warm and cold, contrast between red and blue; Dynamic contrast, elegant and calm background and lively and disorderly pattern text contrast: light and heavy contrast, deep pigment and light pigment contrast, etc.