The mode and design of the paper box


Paper box model
Carton is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of polyhedron formed by moving, stacking, folding and surrounding several surfaces. The surface in the three-dimensional composition plays the role of dividing space in space. If the surfaces of different parts are cut, rotated and folded, the resulting surfaces have different emotional expressions. The composition relationship of carton display surface should pay attention to the connection relationship between display surface, side, top and bottom, as well as the setting of packaging information elements.

Paper box design
Carton modeling design is also a language expression of abstract form. The modeling of carton can be excavated and created from the direction of vitality, dynamic, volume and depth. At the same time, it can be combined with the principles of formal beauty such as section, comparison, proportion, integration, change and unity, dynamic and so on, so as to create a dynamic and interesting carton packaging modeling.