The gift box's packaging strategies(1)


The packaging of enterprise products(gift box) shall not be imitated as far as possible, nor be similar to other packaging, but adopt new materials, new processes, new patterns and new shapes to give consumers a new feeling. For example, packaging made of renewable and degradable materials is more popular, which not only facilitates consumers, but also conforms to the trend of environmental protection and establishes a good image for enterprises. Convenient packaging strategy. When designing and purchasing product packaging, enterprises should always consider bringing convenience to consumers in terms of purchase, carrying, use and storage. In order to facilitate consumers' purchase, enterprises will form a variety of packaging or combined packaging of products with different styles, uses and tastes.

Cheap packaging strategy(gift box). This packaging strategy is that enterprises use low-cost and simple packaging, which is usually used for daily necessities. Such as general clothing, shoes and socks, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, boiled traditional Chinese medicine, bagged fresh milk, etc. Of course, when enterprises adopt this packaging strategy, they should not buy it at will because of low consumer requirements, but should consider its applicable and economical characteristics.

Series packaging strategy(gift box). The difference between this kind of packaging and series packaging is that the series packaging is the same kind of goods, and the complete set packaging is different goods. Such as travel supplies box, cosmetic box, traditional four treasures of study - pen, ink, paper and inkstone, etc., are complete sets of packaging.