The gift box's packaging strategies(2)


Similar packaging strategy(gift box). Sometimes it is also called family packaging. The products produced by the same enterprise adopt the same pattern, similar color and common characteristics in the packaging appearance, especially the CI image of the enterprise repeatedly, forming a visual set, which can not only save the packaging design cost, but also deepen the user's impression of this kind of goods.

Change packaging strategy(gift box). That is to replace the original packaging with a new packaging. Generally speaking, the packaging used by an enterprise and a retailer should be relatively stereotyped, but when the following three situations occur, the enterprise should adopt the change packaging strategy:
(1) There is something wrong with the quality of this product, which has formed a bad impression on consumers(gift box);

(2) The product quality of the enterprise is acceptable, but there are many competitors of similar products, and the original packaging is not conducive to opening the sales situation of products(gift box);

(3) The sales of the product is OK, but because the enterprise uses the packaging for too long and the cost is too high, the enterprise reduces the cost, which will make consumers feel old-fashioned(gift box)