Gift box hot stamping process


The hot stamping process of the gift box, in order to improve the package of the package, the most hot straightening process used in the gift box, now there is basically no packaging, even the Apple mobile phone box is also hot a LOGO. The bronzing is a very high-grade that the desired pattern is placed in a gold foil or silver foil, so that it looks very high as gold plating or silver. Iron radiant gold effect hot bright silver effect hot vegetable copper gold effect
Confincius process: Sometimes when the gift box is made in order to make the partial pattern or the patterned embossed or the gentleness of the vulture. The hitted graphic will be presented in the form of above or lower than the paper, thereby showing a good three-dimensional, level. Gold card assembly effect four, UV effect, many gift box surface partial graphic has a bright feeling, many customers ask Xiaobian this effect, this is actually a silk screen, the purpose is to let local The ripple or graph is bright and the printing is contrast, thereby achieving a good visual effect.