Packaging box card paper or corrugated paper lining


In the packaging box customization, the customization of gift boxes is a very important one and the most widely used. When customized gift boxes, we must first consider the material selection of the box and the determination of style style, and rarely take care of the packaging box. For the box, how to choose a suitable lining is actually a very important link, and its choice will directly affect the grade of the entire packaging box. For customers, they do not understand the materials and uses of these lining. However, as a professional packaging customization company, we need to know the pros and cons of various materials. Essence Next, we will give a general introduction to the inside of the common gift box:

Card paper or corrugated paper lining: Most of our common packaging boxes are paper. At the same time, paper lining with paper can achieve unity of style. The cost of cardboard and corrugated paper is low in cost, environmentally friendly materials, and convenient processing. It is very popular with merchants. At the same time, the paper is easy to set and has good buffering performance. It can protect the entire item during transportation. Paper lining is often used in electronic product packaging, red wine packaging, etc.